No Toyota Love

I hate my rental car. Yes, it is getting me from point A to B. Yes, it is inexpensive. Yes, it is a car in the very basic terms. But ahhhhh…..

I am still debating on how to best handle my longer-term car situation. There is the possibility of taking over someone else’s lease, or I could seriously look at/test drive some other models. I am pretty lazy when it comes to cars though. I have had a Volkswagen since 1999. Four VWs in ten years. I know how they drive, I know what to expect. This time I was fairly certain I was getting a Tiguan, which is the smaller version of my prior SUV. Except that I suddenly had a realization that I didn’t want to put any cash out, nor did I want much of a monthly payment. This came to me the week before my Touareg lease expired. Huh. Who is being all fiscally responsible? Strange days.

And that is how I came to drive a piece of basic trash Toyota Corolla rental car.

I have been trying to make it mine, but I am still not feeling the love.

  1. My GPS slides off the dash every time I brake or turn too hard.
  2. EVERYTHING but the transmission is manual. Even the door locks. Seriously, they still make cars without key-less door entry? WTF?
  3. I acknowledge that I am tall, but I am no giantess. Yet my knees rest immediately under the steering wheel. Look ma, no hands!
  4. It is small, small, small. My bike does not fit in it, which makes me crazy. I was so used to driving around with my bike in the back of the Touareg. Now no impromptu rides for me.
  5. I have to stomp on the gas in order for it to gain any momentum. Until it gets warmed up I actually have concern about merging from entrance ramps.
  6. I was obliviously happy with my Touareg’s creature comforts. I mean, how was I to know I would miss a rear windshield wiper? Or heated seats? Or a remote for the doors?
  7. It smells like Resolve. Now, for most people this would not be an issue. For me…it is of grave concern. I won’t get into details, but it involves a rowdy night of martini drinking at the Bond-themed MGM holiday party, and Michael’s inability to roll down my window fast enough. Parking lot, next morning, hung over, fabric upholstery, lots of Resolve, enough said.
  8. There is no good place for the Iona plate.

I better learn to love/tolerate the Toyota, as she may be mine for a couple more weeks. Perhaps a name would endear me. A good name? A bad name? I certainly have more options than the Toyota itself has.

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