Pick a Pumpkin

Saturday was one of those silly days that reminds me of why I love this time of year. The fairs, the festivals, and the friends who come over and carve pumpkins.

Earlier in the day I was hanging out in the backseat while my friends drove all over the city looking for the best places to stop on the Parade of Homes tour. We wandered in and out of a few neighborhoods with million dollar + listings that showed potential. But before long, we realized that we had better taste than most of the home stagers, and that we’d probably all have to live together in order to make the mortgage “really work”. The corgi would just not like all the stairs, so we had to decline this option.

So instead we started talking about all the upcoming Halloween activities and began ticking off the ones we’d be participating in over the next couple weeks. That made me realize that I had NO PUMPKINS. At this point I believe I was jumping around in the backseat demanding that we find a pumpkin patch. As good men do, they quickly indulged my needs.

Off to the Farmer’s Market we went and within no time we were stocked with a car full of pumpkins and mums. Let the carving begin!

A little wine, some beer, a happy dog, and a yard full of men carving pumpkins. Seriously? Did someone get into my head and know that this was the day I was dreaming of? You have your fantasy…and it is fine for me to have mine.

I expect that I will get out all the decorations later this week and really make the house ready for trick-or-treaters. Where to find me on the great Hallowed Day? Of course…on the porch with the corgi, wine, and friends. Just where I should be.

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