Let’s Begin Again

For a variety of reasons I have been a bit absent this month. I needed to pay attention to what I was doing, and how I was doing it without the unintentional interruptions of others. This path is one hell of a learning experience and one I sometimes need to course out myself. I also needed to keep the misinterpretations at a minimum. Of course, my silence has created its own set of challenges.

With that said…let’s begin again.

While this stage of the house is essentially complete, it does still have some finishing touches that we’d been neglecting. Until this week, that is.

Over a few weekends Michael and I hit up the local home improvement stores and found a new front storm door, a doggie door and tile for the kitchen backsplash.

The backsplash was the last thing that needed to be finished in the kitchen. While it looked great, it just felt “unfinished”. Unfinished. That one word could sum up my 2009.

The tile was such a tremendous find! I knew I wanted glass and something small. I thought I wanted round, but once we saw the gorgeous sheets of tiny bronze and amber squares, we knew this was it. We also found a few ceramic and glass tiles that had been returned from another store. They only had a few and we grabbed them.

Michael fortunately has retained all his tile talent and created yet another stunning piece. I only had to grout and clean…

This seems like a good way to begin again.

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