When Two is Better than One

Last month my doppelganger came to visit. When my sister Elizabeth and I get together…all bets are off, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. My ab muscles usually ache for a week after she leaves.

We started off the weekend by stocking up at the ABC and doing a little grocery shopping. Elizabeth was making her world-famous tater tot casserole for my friends that evening and we had some non-healthy ingredients to buy.

As we were standing in the wine aisle trying to determine what vintage goes best with tots, a man walks up to us and says, “You girls should call me if you want to give your husbands some holiday treats”. He then handed Elizabeth his card and slowly backed away dumbfounded as we basically collapsed into the aisle laughing hysterically. Turns out he is a chef and does in-home cooking classes. We of course couldn’t get over the husbands…and treats part. Perhaps another year…

I don’t think I stopped laughing from there on in. The tater tot dinner party was a smashing success and the pot was licked clean by many.

Elizabeth woke up the next morning painfully hungover asking, “Why am I not wearing any pants? WHERE ARE MY PANTS? WHAT HAPPENED TO MY PANTS?” I believe it was the vodka and Glogg that stole her pants….or the wine…or the beer, or the oh…the options…

One of the weird things we share is the swelling of our fingers when we drink. Couple that with a 3-mile walk around Lake Johnson and Elizabeth had the biggest man-hands ever. We completely destroyed the peace and tranquility of the woods by her running towards me with her arms outstretched and screaming, “Would you like me to open your jar of pickles?”. Frankenstein stay back, back I say!

As with every trip together, people assume we are twins. Not sure how happy Elizabeth is with being compared to her 37 year-old sister, but I certainly take it as a great compliment.

The twin thing takes on a very different connotation when it is recognized by a funny middle-aged woman who can’t stop remarking at how much we look alike, than it does when it comes from a couple leering college students. Both entertaining, but for very different reasons.

We were sitting at a cafe one afternoon trying to clear our heads when a couple boys walked out of the restaurant and straight up to our table. One looked at us, smiled, and simply said, “YUM” and then walked away. We laughed until Elizabeth snorted. Let the day begin again.

There are so many more stories to tell, but some must remain between the doppelganger and I. She says she wants to return in January and this make me oh so happy. I have many jars of pickles that need to be opened, and pants that need to be found.

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