Simple Pleasures

Earlier this week I was in a video store. I am sure this doesn’t seem very noteworthy, but I must admit that I couldn’t recall the last time I had been in one. Between PPV, DVR and that great thing called Redbox, I have gotten my movie fixes elsewhere.

That night though, the person I was with wanted to introduce me to a silly film that I had never seen before…A Knight’s Tale. Being that it was over seven years old, we couldn’t easy locate it through our normal channels, so we had to go “old school”. We used his iPhone to find the nearest video store and on we went.

I must admit that I loved this place. It is no-nonsense, has a great staff, is within walking distance to my house, and is completely unpretentious. I’ve already been back to pick up new movies.

There was something so wonderful about wandering around the store that night laughing at things on the shelves and quizzing each other about things we’d seen. And I must admit that A Knight’s Tale made me laugh…several times. It was a simple night; a delightful night.

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