The First Day of Christmas

I woke up at 3a this morning with a splitting headache and no idea where I was. Once I figured out the where, I tried concentrating on the how. That proved pointless, so I fell back to sleep instead.

Yes, my first day of Christmas had happened. I was home in Wisconsin to spend a week with the family, and all the delightful ridiculousness that they have to offer. And of course I was already suffering for it.

As the story goes, I basically needed to be carried to bed. By my father. Now, another person might be completely mortified by this; I of course think it is hysterical. Apparently I did last night too, as my mom says, “I went laughing all the way”.

So let’s back up a bit. I landed in Appleton-ton around 11a and was whisked around the area by my dad. We ran errands and had lunch, and just had a nice time catching up. Then home to spend a few hours with my mom before my siblings and their kids descended.

Instead of a nap, I ran a couple miles on their treadmill. That may have been grave mistake number one. You see, I had only slept for about 90 minutes the evening before. Of course I was unconscious for both my flights, but the distance from Raleigh doesn’t provide a great opportunity to actually “sleep”. With that said, I should have napped. I should have napped. I should have napped.

By 7p, all but one of my fabulous siblings were over. We drank, we ate, we laughed, we talked about my crazy life, and then we drank some more. We started with the requisite old fashioneds and then evolved into the Goose. There is at least one more grave error in here somewhere.

Fast forward…I am running through the cold…alone…from my brother’s house. Now curled up in a chair with a glass of wine by my side (most grave of the grave mistakes), and completely asleep. I am told that even tickling didn’t make me move, so my dad basically just hauled me up out of the chair and put my laughing, smiling, laughing self to bed.

When I awoke at 3a, I seriously had no idea where I was. For starters I was on the wrong side of the bed, I was surrounded by pillows and a stuffed scary Santa Claus, and I was hot. Then panicked. Then I simply started laughing again and figured someone dear to me would fill me in during the daylight.

Thanks family. Christmas 2009 has officially, delightfully, painfully, begun.

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