I Need You to Tell Me…Child Be Still

“Where does everybody go when they go?
They go so fast, I don’t think they know
We hate so fast and we love too slow
London, I think we got a problem”

  • I will eventually move on from my soundtrack of 2009.
  • I will try to be still sometimes.
  • I will take the stairs.
  • I will learn to appreciate that I am beautiful.
  • I will still facebook, text, and email like a mad woman, but I will also call more.
  • I will be grateful every day that my body can run fast; I will run like my life depends on it.
  • I will loudly listen to music.
  • I will flirt with reckless abandon.
  • I will be honest and make no justifications.
  • I will read as if my life depends on it.
  • I will find ways to be on airplanes more often.
  • I will organize my life differently. Not rearrange my old life, but organize the one handed to me…the one I earned.
  • I will look to be loved in unexpected places and welcome it when it hits me.
  • I will be fine after I scream.
  • I will be appreciative of my people.
  • I will work hard and not take anyone down in the process.
  • I will welcome and embrace ‘it’ when it happens…as if my life depends on it.

“Help me let go of the chaos around me
The devil that hounds me, I need you to tell me
Child, be still.”

One response to “I Need You to Tell Me…Child Be Still”

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