Ring it In. Ring it In.

Ah, the end. The end of the year known as 2009. The end of the year my life flipped itself upside down and I somehow ended somewhat right-side up again. The end of the year I became stronger, thinner, wiser, sadder, and certainly more certain. Certain of what I want, need, and how to get it.

A dear man in my life often reminds me that there is truthfully no difference in the days of 12/31 and 1/1. No great momentous thing happens that should cause me to think or act differently from one to the next. Since both paper and principle dictate that he is smarter than me, I am often prone to agreeing with him. Just not this time.

The flipping over of the year may be purely symbolic, but that alone marks its power. My spinning instructor this afternoon said, “What you are doing on the first day of the year, will represent what you do all year long”. Well, then my 2010 should be quite grand. Perhaps the people will be different at some point, but the concepts should remain the same.

I am ending this first day of what will be a good and glorious year…with smart, sexy, and snappy dialogue set against a kick-ass soundtrack. Not my soundtrack…but that of Tarantino and Pulp Fiction. Let it be a sign that IFC knows me well enough to provide all that needs to be symbolic in my time of need.

“Warm, warm…disco.” Happy ending 2009. Ring a ding-ding.