What do You Call IT?

IT is not an arbitrary quest. IT is not something I came upon lightly. IT is my level-setting and IT has a name. IT is called a reset of my inner compass.

I started reading this amazing book about a week ago and I found myself reflecting on all the errors I have recently made with my personal life. Not detrimental ones mind you, but simply things that are deterring me from my true path. I won’t divulge the name of the book here, because unless you are a woman and newly single, you may scoff at it a bit. With that said, if you ARE in fact female, dating, and finding it a tad frustrating, please let me know and I will happily share.

The book deals mostly with the decisions we make and the reasons behind them. It provides great and simple clarity around why we succumb to temptation and how to avoid those that don’t lead us to the highest and greater good. While there are several portions that resonated with me, there was one in particular that hit home. Hard. Like bricks.

Allow me a bit of paraphrasing please…”What you’re missing is an inner compass when it comes to people: a reference point for how you live that you don’t violate, no matter what.”

“Your inner compass should contain all of the information you need in order to make a good dating judgment call. That way, you don’t give away your heart, soul, and body to the wrong sort of person, setting yourself up for emotional devastation.”

“…set that compass on due north.”

Ah yes, it is so much simpler to just give into the nonsense that guided the dating of my 20s. For good or bad, I am no longer in that generation or in that mindset. So, consider this a proper reset. A positioning of my inner compass, and pointed straight to the North Star. If you happen to come upon me, be prepared, because I certainly am.

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