A Little DIY in the DNA

Once upon a time it was the Year of the House. A rigorous twelve months focused around renovate, rebuild and repair. Then came the Interval of Me, (otherwise known as the Age of Bernie).  A painful nine-month process of personal redefinition and recovery. My own restoration took less time than the structural, so it seemed appropriate recently to refocus some of my concentration on the walls around me. Literally. 

For the past year I have had significant moments of annoyance over the molding gaps that exist between the living and dining room areas. If you recall, there used to be a substantial separation there, until we decided to take down that pesky little wall. For some idiotic reason, the picture and crown is slightly different on either side. And even more idiotic, we didn’t check that before pulling the wall down. So, the moldings are still different and I was becoming more and more frustrated with how to solve this perplexing problem. 
We had already added some molding caps that made the disparity less obvious, but there were still some wide-open spaces that just made me perceive the rooms weren’t “finished”. And if you know me, then you know that this was making my OCD tilt hard.

Now the obvious thing might be to pull out some power tools and finish the job. Well, I’ve been instructed not to use such tools that could easily maim me or cause further damage to the House. And rightly so, I might add. I like to be able to do things myself and do them well…and when that doesn’t happen I can get easily frustrated. And frustrated with sharp power tools seems like a really bad idea. Particularly when there is no one else around to aim them at. 

So, I took a different route and found something less dangerous. I found stickers. To be more precise, I located a company that takes fabulous art and transposes it onto heavy vinyl adhesive pieces. You cut and apply them in any pattern that you want…and I wanted a pattern that hid gaps. Let’s just call this magical. Magic that required a ladder, some grumbling, a helpful corgi, (it would only have been better if she had thumbs…and less fur…and didn’t step on sticky things with said fur), and some creativity and patience. YES, I SAID IT! I USED CREATIVITY AND PATIENCE. BITE ME ALL YOU HATERS, I DO HAVE SOME 🙂

More importantly I now have art with a purpose. And I did it all by myself…without hurting anyone, or anything.

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