Party of One, PLEASE!

So my intention today…no wait that was yesterday…was to start a Match Monday posting. Yeah, I am on Let my pride take the tremendous hit it deserves NOW. BAMN. Smack it, I am online dating.

I think I’m attractive. I know I am educated. I realize I have a fabulous job and a good life. I believe I am in good shape and am healthy. So…..yeah. I’m 37. Yep, not 27, but 37. And 37 turning into 38 in just a couple months. 

I met my first husband in a bar, so it seems right that I not repeat that one again. Yeah, we were married 15 years… but I expect that dating at 52 is even harder. I should probably try other avenues; hence the online dating thing.

I have always said that I love getting older. I am so much more confident and fabulous and with it and just plain more together, year-over-year. I like myself more at almost 38 than I ever did in any of those 20s. I do actually turn heads and get picked up on. BUT, there is that freaking damn NUMBER. You need to input that number into and I am too proud to lie. I should lie. I might need to lie. Boys kind of freak when they learn that I am the almost 38. If I don’t look it…why is it not a good thing? I am too young to be a cougar and I am not classically a MILF. So I am simply what…? Too old? Too young? Arghh.

So, I did not start Match Monday. That will have to wait until the calendar turns again next week. In the meantime, I was distracted by the census. Yes, I said the census. There is something about the archaic nature of “The Census must count every person living in the United States on April 1, 2010”. Why archaic? BECAUSE THEY SENT IT IN THE MAIL AND IT HAS STANDARDIZED TEST BUBBLES. Actually it has boxes, but you get the point. MAIL!!! NOT INTERNET.

In 2010, the Census is not done online. it is mailed, (did they not hear the news about the USPS possibly needing to cut back hours or go bankrupt?????). Nothing online. And it is possible that you can add up to 12 people in your household. Now I love the census even more. Somehow, this mundane and ancient thing has made my day, There are those out there that get to fill out this amazing box-filled piece of paper for 12 people!!!!!! I am envious. I only get to do so for one. Me. One. Uno. It. Only I live here. Hmmmmmmm…..that is a good thing. It is okay to be one. 

Party of one. Add a corgi…still party of one. Eh, who cares? Party of one. 
I like my one box.

2 responses to “Party of One, PLEASE!”

  1. I met my husband on When I was 30 and he was 33. There ARE good ones out there. Just be picky about who you respond to and who you meet. AND always, meet the guy in a public place. Good luck!

  2. I HAVE to add my comment. I heard on NPR a few years back that you are at your most attractive at 38. YES, 38. I'm sure it was a very scientific study and absolutely true! Of course, what does that say about 39? Well, I have an answer for that too. If 40 is the new 30, we've all got another 38 in us. Love you! Miss you! Anne

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