The Beast Within

This is an Iona posting. If you don’t love the Iona Pig, then I suggest you move on. I also highly suggest that you learn to love Iona, if you have any plans of me liking you. Yes, that includes the inevitable times when she is mean and bites you in the hand. You must still love, to be liked. 

Recently several friends and I participated in the local SPCA Dog Walk. I’ve done this event before, but never took Iona with me. Let’s face it, my dog is spastic. My dog is also 11 years-old, a cancer survivor, and has bad hips. A walk amongst several thousand people and their dogs has just never seemed like a good idea. But then my “Bad Idea Bear” not only spoke to me, he built her a wagon…and all reason was lost. 

When most people see Iona they think she looks like a stuffed docile teddy bear. This facade usually remains until she does something awesome like violently charge a dog twelve times her size, or face-plant onto the concrete after sky-diving from the safety of her little red wagon. 

She is mine though, and I love her dearly. The way to this girl’s heart is certainly through her dog…and perhaps a gnome or two thrown in for good measure. Oh, I like unicorns too. And pirates. Hmmmm…let’s not forget about rubber ducks either…

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