Put a Little Love in Your Heart

Last year several fantastic people I know had their hearts broken by someone that they loved and trusted. In several cases I sadly watched and supported. In others, I only heard about the stories after-the-fact. And in one…I lived it. In each of these situations the pain was all too raw and real. Surprisingly though, most of us have come out on the other side with a renewed appreciation for the person we are, and a much better understanding of the person we want to share our time with. And in all cases, there has been a fair amount of wine and laughter as we’ve discussed the brutal reality of the who, the what, the where, and the why…the why the hell did all this happen.

It is, and will be, a little expected that we all carry some animosity and suspicion around this “little thing called love”. No surprise that a heart can heal, but it rarely completely mends. At least it doesn’t alone.

It is with great joy then, that I get to recall the amazing weekend I recently had. My little sister got married. My little sister got married. My little sister got married…in JAMAICA. I certainly will not taint her day by recanting the mess her first husband left her with. Instead, I will relish in the phenomenal life her last husband is sharing with her. They are pretty damn awesome together. 

It was a beautiful day, with beautiful people, on a beautiful beach. I loved every minute of it, and I am so grateful that I was there to experience it. My sister probably doesn’t realize, but this wedding was a gift to me. It reminded me that the mistakes we make with one person don’t have to be repeated. It proved that there is a better person out there than one might expect. And it gave me the chance to happily and lazily spend 4 days with someone that I travel well with, laugh with, and simply enjoy being with. There is a strange comfort that comes with happiness. But we will save that story for another day…

Most importantly, I shared the day with my fabulous rockstar parents – the Drinking Diva and Party Gary – and some awesome new friends. 

Congratulations Elizabeth and Jason! You both deserve a lifetime.

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