A Perfect Day

“There’s something sinister in place; it leaves me restless with no peace. 
So it’s a perfect day to turn away and run; it’s a perfect day to go and tie one off.
It’s a perfect day to waste away a perfect plot to play.

“It’s a perfect day to hide down in my house; it’s a perfect day and it’s taking its toll.
It’s a perfect day to waste away your perfect part to play.
Just another perfect day, but before you know it’s gone.” – A Perfect Day – The Constellations

It’s a perfect day to play this part again.
It’s a perfect day to get these words out of my head.
Just another perfect day.

There are so many reasons why this is the day…the day that I resume this little venture. It’s the 2nd Month of the Year of the Golden Rabbit, it’s been almost a year since I inked my left wrist, it’s been way, way, way too long since my voice wasn’t simply playing to an audience of one.

More importantly though, I feel like I again have things to say publicly. Ah, that’s wrong. I should say, that I once again feel like it is RIGHT for me to say things aloud. In 2010 I felt it was best to stay silent. I felt raw and judged and often emotionally reckless. I tossed myself with abandon at things and people, and finally accepted how and who to let in, and when to let go. I was awaiting my long-overdue divorce, and was entering into a new and surprising life that I wasn’t sure how to properly explain without exploitation. I did these things in an ultimately gratifying way. It was not always a perfect day.

Well, my hesitancy is gone, my friends! My new life and my new love have been forewarned that things often get screamed to the masses. It’s been almost a year now…so the rants, the raves, the passion, the pounding on car hoods, and the  drunken revelations still probably arrive in a sometimes unexpected flurry…but I doubt they are taken poorly, and I know they are never taken with angst or anger. I no longer feel misguided or misjudged. It’s a perfect day. 

I have good things and good people to talk about. I have stories that seem endless. I have heartbreaking recollections that now often sound amusing. I have inspiration from a 7-year-old with leukemia and a cause. I have motivation from a stunning man that challenges, protects, defies, and is at all times an equal. That he also provides wildly entertaining material that keeps me laughing in surprise, is my pinnacle. I have a purpose-driven life. I have this perfect day; I will not waste this perfect day.

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