Purposeful Progressions

Studies have shown that people with a purpose live longer and happier lives than those that don’t. While I feel I have a very fulfilling life, I have often longed for that “thing”, that someone or something that is outside the bounds of my good place. I’ve participated in volunteer events, I’ve been a positive influence on my community, and I’ve donated my fair share of absurdly expensive clothes that I really, really thought I needed and never wore. But I never really felt that I was giving back to the extent I knew I could.

So when a couple people I trusted and liked brought me a purpose on a platter, you might think I would have readily jumped. Instead, I faltered. I stalled, I hemmed, I hawwed, I paused. Then I considered. Did I really want to undergo a massive endeavor that would take up a big part of my life for 10 weeks? It would force me to depend on others for assistance! It would cause me to reach out and ask for help! I could possibly not raise the most money and thereby fail! And I would be making a big difference in the lives of others, be able to get all my friends and family and local community involved, and potentially be personally impacted in a major way. Got it. Not such a hard decision.

Here we are three weeks into a competition that will last until May 19th. We’ve done a lot, and have tons left to do. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) “Woman of the Year” campaign really is like a second job. You think about it all the time, and find yourself strategizing how and where you can do more, find more, and get more people involved. Most of the time, we just have to ask.

Throughout this process, I’ve had an opportunity to honestly talk to people that I hadn’t before. I’ve heard stories about how cancer has literally changed their lives. Thanks to the LLS I have also met Josh Paryz and his delightful family. Josh is 7-years-old and will soon be celebrating his one year anniversary of cancer treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukemia. I am fortunate to be sponsoring Josh as part of the LLS campaign. He is a remarkable survivor with a protective and supportive family that truly inspires and energizes. They provide a purpose.

Earlier this week I recieved a beautiful letter from my paternal grandmother wherein she recollected the moment she learned that my grandpa had chronic leukemia. I was so taken aback after reading that. How do I not remember this? Yes, I was just a child when he died, but how do I not have top-of-mind knowledge of this? I was initially mortified; then I was motivated. Yet one more piece of the purpose.

I am so touched by the support of all those who have already generously donated to my campaign on behalf of LLS!  Thank you for helping me improve treatment options and save lives!  If you have not yet donated, it’s safe and easy to do so here.  Every single dollar makes a difference. Be part of the purpose. 

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