Where Did I Run To?

I did the disappearing act again and feel that it is worthy of an explanation. Where the heck have I been for the past 5 weeks? Halfway through a major freaking fundraising campaign for one. But that’s not even the half of it, and as of this weekend it will be time for me to slow my roll down for a bit. This means that for the next few months this girl will be running for her health and for her sanity, and not for cash and notoriety.

Over coffee last Sunday morning, Jason looked at my weary frame and reminded me why I was feeling a little deflated. I had just come off a flurry of amazing activities that had literally zapped the energy out of me. Over the course of the past few months we had launched a huge new initiative at work and partnered with an company offshore. I had also traveled to the Philippines twice, Mexico once, Florida for a conference, and a couple fun trips to NYC and DC. Then I was granted the Triangle Business Journal’s “40 Under 40” award, and still managed to toss in my 39th birthday…all while conducting a 10-week flurry of fundraising emails, calls and activities for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s (LLS) “Woman of the Year” campaign. 

Everything culminated last Saturday night at the LLS Gala. We won.

I have to say though…that winning felt fabulous. Winning the LLS “Woman of the Year” campaign was both unexpected and thrilling. Don’t get me wrong, I do just about everything with the intention to win, but there were some hurdles along the way that made this fundraising endeavor more challenging than I anticipated. It is with sheer humility that I say I couldn’t have done this without everyone that contributed time, effort, auction items, and money. To each person that offered up cash…I thank you. To all that donated auction items or helped secure them…I applaud you. To everyone that tolerated my exhausted rants and short temper…I appreciate you. To my dear friends Carl, Brad, Mike and of course Jason…thank you to iContact, Dante, Emily, and Valerie… bless you. (And not in that Southern slightly harpy way.)

It was an absolute honor to run this campaign on behalf of Josh Paryz and his incredible family. Every time I encountered them I was reminded why this campaign was so important. “Boy of the Year”? Seriously, this kid is going to be President someday. Just wait, wait, and see what becomes of this articulate, kind, and already brilliant young man. And Mae, Josh’s counterpart in this campaign? She is a beautiful and delightfully elegant girl that will grow up to be an absolute stunner in every sense. That these two children have gone through the pain and turmoil of cancer, is almost beyond words. So to them, their families, to everyone involved…thank you for letting me be a part of this. I am forever changed by knowing you. You now have a warrior on your side in this fight against blood cancers. Just don’t be alarmed if I disappear for a bit and take a little nap in the sand. I will return to help fight the good fight.