Call It What You May

Want to love your life? FLIP THAT SWITCH!!!

While sitting in my hotel room earlier this week, I caught the last few minutes of an episode of “The Big C”. At that moment, Oliver Platt’s character was standing on stage screaming “Flip that switch!”, and I found myself mesmerized. Flipping the switch? Shuffling the deck, as my dad says? Pressing the reset button? Considering a restart? Honestly, it doesn’t matter what you call it, as long as the desired outcome occurs. And I am here to tell you, the desired outcome WILL OCCUR.

Admittedly my decisions over the past few years have not always been sound ones. They have though, brought me back to a place. And that place is here, writing down the things that make my brain buzz.

This place has a purpose. It is where I vent and make outrageous demands. It is where I reflect on my missteps and bask in my celebrations. It is where I post riotous declarations and ridiculous claims. It is where I share things that inspire, motivate and charm me.

Just as I am, this place is a work in progress. Expect the obvious – Paleo, CrossFit bootcamp, tattoos, The Gunslinger, traveling, books, Iona, Jason, my understanding family, and of course my complicated love affair with this place called Raleigh. Hopefully I will also have some curveballs to include. As we all know, I do like to be spontaneous within parameters. One thing is certain though, there will be unicorns. Lots of mother-loving BADASS UNICORNS.

I am not the person I was, I am not the person I will be, but I am loving the person I have become. I. AM. A. BADASS UNICORN. Enjoy,

One response to “Call It What You May”

  1. […] It was May 9th, 2012 that I transitioned my blog from ‘Tinseltown, Tagalog, and Tarheels’ to the ‘Badass Unicorn’. The idea came to me while sitting in a hotel room (shocking I know). I’d not written since October of the previous year, when I’d sold my house and moved into a condo – the condo being the first place I had ever truly ‘owned’ and lived alone as an adult. […]

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