Oh the Irony – Part 2

I have recently been going back and reading some of my earlier rants that originally appeared on Tinseltown, Tagalog and Tarheels. I have come across several that are possibly now more relevant than ever, and I may someday choose to repost, just as I am doing here.

This was from April of 2009. It is THREE YEARS LATER, and this subject is rearing its horrific head once again in all its narrow-minded glory. As it should be widely known, Amendment 1 did indeed pass here in the state of North Carolina. Although unsurprising, it still causes my heart to hurt and my brain to burst.


April 22nd, 2009

Since moving to Raleigh, we have found many uncanny parallels to the area. Perhaps we just weren’t ‘looking’ for NC to pop up before, but now we see it everywhere. Under lots of rocks and nooks and crannies. The latest? The Miss USA controversy. In case you missed it, Miss California came in runner-up to Miss North Carolina. Odd that these are the two states…if you like us just moved from one to the other. Odder still is that Miss California lost because of her anti-gay marriage stance. It may have helped had she at least been articulate about it. “In MY country, and in MY family…I think I believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman.” You THINK you believe? If you are going to publicly take such a politically charged stance, then you better at least be passionate and certain about it. And please do not speak for MY country.

If you are worried about gay marriage taking over your schools, your children, and your churches…don’t worry!! There is a group supporting your cause and they are here to help. In fact, they have a product that will save you from all the gays. The GIANT GAY REPELLENT UMBRELLA. Boy, do I know what some people are getting for their birthdays this year!

Giant Gay Repellent Umbrella – Keeping the world safe from Gay Marriage – Paid for by God and Doctors


Footnote: I am concerned that the umbrellas will really only deflect the gays that actually fall from the sky. What about those on the ground already? I swear I’ve seen some walking down the street, and in restaurants, and sometimes SITTING IN MY LIVING ROOM! Oh the horror! I think I’ve already been infected and it’s now too late to become the bigot I had dreamed of. Damn it, I had plans. Big, bigoty plans.

There is nothing more dangerous than the conscience of a bigot. -George Bernard Shaw

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