Skipping Down the Jetway

Today. At this moment. At this point in time. RIGHT NOW, I could not be any happier.

I am currently sitting in the United Club in DC awaiting our flight to Paris. I am with the man I am meant to be with. I am turning 40 somewhere over the Atlantic in less than 8 hours. I am blissful.

Without question, life forces strange things upon us all.  I know though, that it is up to me to determine what to do with these crazy things. And I have decided to be happy and to own them.

Every day I am surrounded by bright people, with bright minds, and bright intentions. The toxicity that was in my life is gone. The people that brought me drama have either removed themselves upon my force, or have been neglected long enough to have gone dormant. Regardless, thank you for paying attention long enough to be hit squarely across the skull, and go down like you needed to. Those people that remain are simply amazing. They volunteer, and motivate, and inspire, and cheer, and work out, and work hard, and eat well, and drink hard, and fight fair. They are individually incredible…but as pairs, couples, coworkers, friends, and family…we are unstoppable. WE ARE UNSTOPPABLE.

How do I know these things? The positive energy that is around me is palatable. The intensity from my circle is meaningful. And my beautiful man in his beautiful clothes skipped his beautiful ass down the jetway at my request. Does it get any better than this? Well, yes. In less than 8 hours I will be 40 and preparing to land in Paris. And yes, I am smiling.