Slogging Through to Intention

Yesterday started out as a rough one. I awoke at 5a with all the proper intentions to hit a Plycore class and subsequently bang through one hell of a Thursday. Instead I uncharacteristically patted the puppy into submission and crawled back into bed to sleep for another 90 minutes. I felt like I’d been out for a hard night of drinking with my boys and had been sent home for unruly behavior. No such fun. What had actually happened, was that I had lived my previous day as so many do. I lived it only to partial intention.

Wednesday had started awesomely! BOOTCAMP with kickass girls and medicine balls at 6a. Hell YES! Morning chat with gorgeous Jason. Hell YES! An afternoon of candid inspiration and unexpected anticipation. Hell YES!

Then for some reason I got lazy and let my surroundings control me. My flight was delayed and I chose to sacrifice my time instead of exploit it. Lazy. Wine instead of dinner. Facebook instead of reading. Answering email instead of organizing. Sleeping on the plane instead of decompressing. Lazy girl. By the time I got home my mind was jumbled and my hungry body was begging. So how the hell did I think I was going to bound out of bed 5 hours later?

Come on back to wasted Thursday. I spent the remainder of the day slogging through. Slogging through my meetings, my emails, and even my phone calls with loved ones. I just couldn’t find the spark that makes me usually skip down the hall and yell out glad tidings. I simply wanted to hunch over my desk and slog in the wastelands alone. And if you know me, then you know I deplore everything I just conveyed. I prefer being the bright and bouncing giddy creature that annoys all of her coworkers with bursts of energy and random streams of thought.

By 6p I was overdue to throw it in. My brain and body were eager to sit on the couch to watch my crowded DVR, while eating too much popcorn and drinking too much wine. Meaning, I was momentarily prepared to repeat the cycle I was so desperately wanting to get out of.

Thank god for the lovely Lori and my promise to see her at yoga that evening. Thank god for CrossFit. Thank god for Jason singing in the back of my brain. Thank god for being the stubborn ox I am repeatedly called.

Slog through traffic, slog up the elevator, slog the dog out the door and back up the elevator again, slog into lulu clothes that felt too tight, slog down the street, slog into the box…and suddenly feel 20 pounds lighter as the beautiful Elizabeth guides me into place in the center of the room as my eyes adjust to the dim and my ears adjust to the quiet and my body adjusts to being alive.

An hour of bending and breathing, a dinner of beautiful green things, and the glorious company of a happy and missed friend drove me straight back to intention. There is no place in this journey for 24-hours of wastelands. There is no place for lazy.

Today is AWESOME! BOOTCAMP with kickass girls and kettlebells at 6a. Hell YES! Morning chat with gorgeous Jason. Hell YES! An afternoon of unexpected and yet-to-happen opportunities. Hell YES! HELL YES! HELL YES!

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