Come Crash, Crash, Crash into Me

When you come crash into me baby
Please come crash into me
Come crash into me
― Crash Into Me, Dave Matthews Band

It’s 3.47am in mid-September and I’m being crashed by Christmas carols.

I’m sitting in the Cebu airport awaiting my first of four flights today. Yes, I said four. I’ll travel about 9000 miles and the only guarantee is that I’ll be exhausted and in need of a shower by the end of this journey. I can also attest with some certainty that I’ll be buzzed. Probably 3 or 4 times depending on my level of tolerance and the quality of what’s being offered me. At a minimum today, I hope to not fall into a sleep coma during one of my connections and miss a flight. If asked, I might also wish for all on-time departures and to not have wine spilled on me by a careless flight attendant. Yes, I know…needy girl. The best? Well, in an optimum situation my long-haul seatmates would be hot and sexy mute men that have a complete absence of bodily functions. Yes, I am looking for peripheral eye candy that cannot speak, won’t touch, and that is devoid of needs. Just for the flights people, just for the flights. Greedy girl has been lonely.

Per usual, it’s been a trippy trip. I was here to set up a new center in Manila and to visit our incredible team in Cebu. We worked a lot of long and crazy hours…dividing our time between day shifts and graveyard. The time difference is 12 hours from home, and that alone can’t go without consideration. Intertwined were random acts of adventure with old friends, charity work, and as much running as my sleep-deprived, confused mind and weary body could handle. With every day and every encounter there is a story. Before I can spin another tale though, I must just get myself through the next 24 hours.

Flash forward as I now sit in the 2nd of four airports today. I sit here in a cafe with the Bee Gees blaring on repeat. With the company of Barry Gibb, I can reflect on all the “crashing” that occurred over the past 10 days. Crashing of people, crashing of time, crashing of my body, and some near crashing of cars. For what it is worth, the next 24 hours will give me time to pause. Soon enough I will be moving and flying and crashing again. In the meantime, I will think of Jason and Iona and home…all while tapping my toes to the beat of the sappy 70’s. Ciao for now dear Philippines.

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