We’ll Have Halloween on Christmas

And we’ll have Halloween on Christmas
And in the night we’ll wish this never ends
We’ll wish this never ends

(I miss you I miss you)
(I miss you I miss you)

Where are you and I’m so sorry
I cannot sleep I cannot dream tonight
I need somebody and always
― I Miss You ~ Blink 182

Dear Jason:

At this moment in time, I am holding onto the belief that you will be home for Christmas. If that is indeed the case, you will have to indulge this crazy girl you claim to want to marry, and make up some holidays. Of course, the first on that list will be Halloween. There will be costumes. There will be glitter. And if the past dictates the present, then yes, I am sorry but there will be some irrational Sarah. It’s a good thing you love yourself some Sarah.

In the meantime though, it is only selfish of me that I keep you caught up on things you’ve missed. Tonight, you missed a wedding. Valerie and Mike were married this evening in a lovely and traditional ceremony. In my ode to traditionalism, my tattoos were bared and my date was a hot brunette in a Hayes Barton appropriate gorgeous dress. We talked, we drank, and I made her blush. I made her blush multiple times, but she may claim it was the bourbon. But who doesn’t like a pretty girl with a perfectly precise dress that begs for an apron and a casserole? The fact that the dress in this scenario just became negotiable…well, I probably just made her blush again. Or it was the bourbon. Irrelevant, as she was pretty. Just ask Gary from Landmark.

What did you miss today? Baby…dammit I want you here! AARRRHHHHHHHGGGHHHHHHHH. Sigh. OK, I am done with that nonsense. Sigh. Good.  Here we go. It’s go time, baby. It’s List Time.

  • I washed the dog today. She was itchy and annoying. Now she’s clean and worn.
  • I was supposed to run 12 miles today, but it was storming. Yeah I know, that just means I have to run it tomorrow. After a wedding. Weddings have wine. Stupid weather.
  • I walked home this afternoon from the salon in the pouring rain. No, with all the money I spent, none of it actually went towards a blow-out.
  • Anne gave me awesome Adidas crew socks when I saw her in LA. I wore them under my 4-inch spiked boots this evening. Yeah…that’s awesomely hot.
  • The Landmark Tavern misses us.
  • OK, maybe Gary at the Landmark misses me more than the Tavern misses you, but you get the idea. We must go back soon. Without tornadoes.
  • Lori was rocking her dots.
  • My ink was showing and Lori tried to read my shoulder during the ceremony. That’s a sign of a good literary friend.
  • Lori inquired about my knees. With her I cannot tell a lie, so she is both honored and slightly mortified. Although she was blushing at the time, she did ask for temporary custody of the chair.
  • I may have moved our seating twice tonight at the wedding. First there were old people, and then there were children. Even though we ultimately were the last table to get food; the decision was best for all involved. Did I mention that there were children?  Children at the same table as we were supposed to be?
  • I may have convinced others to eat my cake. I considered licking the cake first, but settled on touching. Over the frosting of course…I’m saving myself for your return.

Well my love. I’m off to some dreamland. Sleep is still a little mystery, so I should take the naps as they come. Be good in the desert, and wear your helmet always. WE LOVE YOU!

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