Bring on the Badass

The badass should be back later this week. At the moment she is quiet and relishing. You see, her boy came back from Afghanistan today. I have no badass inside me today. I am simply a girl. A girl with a boy that is home.

He arrived at 1.05pm in Jacksonville (OAJ). At around 1.15pm I was getting a speeding ticket on some backwoods stupid ‘highway’. At around 1.45pm (20 minutes late), I picked him up and fell apart and drove him home.

We talked, we traded stories, we drank great champagne, we touched, we looked, and I tucked him into bed.

As a girl who has traversed the world and is usually the person arriving home after 30 hours of travel…I get it. One wants a shower, a little bit of food, some alcohol to counterattack the drinks consumed at the airports…and sleep.

He is home. He is sleeping and I am drinking. I couldn’t be happier.

A normal person would have probably gone to bed with him at 6.34p. A frequent insomniac knows better. Soon I will go upstairs and curl up next to him and I will lay there looking at him until morning. And that is good. He is home and I can finally go to bed for a reason.

Tomorrow I might be back to badass. Or it might be Thursday or maybe even Friday. I don’t actually care. I need to appreciate him being home and safe, and I need to appreciate this moment.

Bring on the badass. Bring on the badass bride. Tomorrow. Or the tomorrow after that…