My Body Tells Me

My body tells me no, but I won’t quit
cause I want more, I want more
My body tells me no, but I won’t quit
cause I want more, I want more
it rides out of town

Oh it’s my road, my road, my road
It’s my road, my road, my road
And it’s my war, my war, my war

~Young the Giant: My Body

I have become pretty in tune with my person. I know what it likes, what makes it move and think well, and what makes it angry. Most of the time I try to do the right things that make it content and humming.

My person likes to be challenged. She wants to be stimulated and provoked. Her preference is to be stretched and pulled and changed. But there must also be balance. In conjunction with all this challenge, the mind and body require some peace, lots of laughter, much love, a little sleep, clean eating, and more than its fair share of exercise and sweat.

Usually this symbiotic relationship functions quite awesomely. That is until I do the really wrong things to this person of mine. The bad thing about almost always doing good things, is that you really, really, notice the bad things. So, what bad things have I been doing to the temple?

  1. Moving. Moving once, moving twice, do I hear a third? Fuck you, if you do. We are all moved in to “our first home together”. It is awesome, it is spectacular, and it is three steep floors of stairs.  When the boxes are gone and after I have donated or sold half of my worldly belongings (sans books and Iona), I will scream AWESOME!
  2. The Plague. I have now had the Plague for 2 solid weeks. Jason gifted it to me from Afghanistan and it has seriously been a bitch to throw off. I can’t possibly be contagious, but I am becoming concerned that I will soon need the Iron Lung.
  3. Gluten. I craved pizza. I ate pizza. Awesome at the moment…detrimental for days later. Just call me “crawling back to clean”.
  4. Bootycamp. I freaking miss my CrossFit Invoke Bootycamp more than I can explain. I have tried several outlets here in town and they all lack the intensity I am accustomed to and crave. So I stopped going. Not exactly the right answer, but if I have just joined your group and I am lapping you all and the coach is more interested in his iPhone than pushing the group…well then, I give. I never thought I’d miss burpees.
  5. Alcohol. When I am happy, I drink. When I am weak, I drink. So when I am both? Apparently I drink for two. By the way, have I mentioned that Jason is home and that makes me ECSTATIC??? What is the alcohol equivalency of ecstatic? Yeah…I got that.

So, the body is mad. The body is telling me. The girl is sick and she is worn. The mind says, ENOUGH. Someone must take control. So I flew to NYC. Actually I flew to NYC for work (another tale) and sobered up, worked out, ate clean, and simply took care. Instead of fabulous drinks, I went to the gym. Instead of great meals, I grabbed protein and vegetables from the deli. One would probably not expect that you should bring the two halves together and be sinless in this city, but the self-control alone was enough to center me. And by the way…FlyWheel WILL KICK YOUR ASS. While it didn’t sweat out the evil Plague, it sweated out my temporary inconsistency. 

Here’s the deal. Boxes will be gone this weekend. What doesn’t fit goes to storage or is sold. Jason and I reacquaint ourselves with the market and introduce ourselves to a new kitchen. I HAVE found Cycle City and Jolie, which is my new girl/gym crush, and I WILL find a Bootycamp/CrossFit addiction. The Plague remains my current noose, but I will make it hang itself instead of me. In the meantime, I now live with the hot man of my dreams and the Iona Pig…downtown in a quirky city near the beach. I will get over myself, and figure it out. I know my body. I know my mind. I am where, and with I am meant to be, and it will be awesome. Iron Lung not withstanding…


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