We are Getting Married…

She keeps it simple
And I am thankful for her kind of loving
Cause it is simple
No longer do we wonder if we’re together

We’re way past that
And I’ve already asked her

So in January we’re getting married
~ Avett Brothers: January Wedding

There is a gorgeous three-piece suit hanging in the closet. There is a short beaded white dress waiting to be worn. The rings are bought and tucked away. The marriage license has been acquired. The vows are being written and the final plans are being put in place. We are doing this. We are really, really going to do this.

She’s talking to me
With her voice down so low
I barely hear her
But I know what she’s saying

I understand because my heart
And hers are the same

So in January we’re getting married

My hair is blonder and yours is cut. You’ve made sure my body is adorned and bejeweled. I just remembered that I needed flowers. You sing to me and I smile. We are doing this. I really, really can’t wait to marry you.

And I was sick with heartache
And she was sick like Audrey Hepburn
When I met her
But we would both surrender

True love is not the kind of thing
You should turn down
Don’t ever turn it down

We’ve tasted and selected our “wedding drink”. We’ve walked and dined and drank in this city that we love. Our friends are flying, descending, and arriving. Our motley little crew is coming together. We are doing this. We have all the blessings. They really really want us to get married.

I hope that I don’t sound too insane
When I say there is darkness all around us
I don’t feel weak but I do need sometimes
For her to protect me and reconnect me

To the beauty that I’m missing
And in January we’re getting married

We sit in bed and plan our day. We listen to the sirens outside our window. I saw the Empire State Building this morning and will see it from the rooftop tomorrow. There is a storm brewing. We are getting married. The weather, the world, the wind all really, really want us to get married.

No longer does it matter
What circumstances we were born in
She knows which birds are singing
And the names of the trees

Where they are performing in the morning

And in January we’re getting married
Come January let’s get married

It no longer matters what came before. It does not matter who came before me, or you, or us. We are together and this is more than good. We have learned and loved and lost and found. We may have missed getting married in January, but we will not miss February. We will never miss another day. Tomorrow we are getting married.


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