You Make Me Beautiful

Marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence. Second marriage is the triumph of hope over experience.

~Oscar Wilde

Welcome:  Sarah and Jason extend their appreciation to each of you on this cold and fine afternoon. Their journey to this place has not been a traditional one, so it is only right and good that their audience is a like-minded merry band of adventurers. For all of your unyielding friendship and candid words, they thank you. For all of your stiff drinks and teary conversations, they thank you. And for all your love and encouragement, know that they love you in return. After almost three years of countless miles, many travels, late night conversations, and early morning laughter they have found themselves here. Here today, we celebrate the marriage between Sarah and Jason.

Wedding vows are for the daring – they are for those who dare to reveal their truest and most eccentric selves. They constitute an invitation to join someone’s life. When we marry, we pledge to participate in joys, give comfort in struggles, and grow within our partner’s mini-universe. Therefore, vows are not restrictive, but open to inspiration. They comprise promises to explore, learn, and share significant events and intimate moments. In fact, the intimate moments fill most of our time. We may become quite vulnerable in this private circle. Yet we also receive the freedom to be ourselves. And, so, with the phrase “I do”, we commit to complain and laugh together with compassionate grace. After all, kind words are reflections of love…

Jason: I’ve fought the idea that I would ever go through with this again. You pushed me, you taught me, and most of all you loved me unconditionally. For that I am thankful! My mind is clear, my heart is open, and my eyes are fixed on you. I will stand arm-in-arm and step-by-step through the great times, sad times and bad times. Rich or poor, drunk or sober, sick or mad…the road we ride on is chaotic…but it’s us! Sarah, I stand before you a man confident and ready to be your husband.

Sarah: You are good for my ego, you are good for my body, and you are good for my mind. The challenges you throw at me are usually mindful, and the laughter that spills from me is always genuine. You have not only allowed me to be the person I am, you have embraced the best person I can be. I will never squander your beauty; I will never take for granted your attention. I will never make you regret this day or this amazing decision. Instead, you will always know my love, experience my encouragement, and understand my desire. You are the volcano to my tornado. You are my true partner in crime. Jason, you, I am honored to call ‘husband’.

We do; and we did. We are the triumph of hope over experience, we are the triumph of the present over the past, and we are the triumph of love over all. Here’s to our first month, and to all glorious ones to come!

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