What’s in my handbag: Two bananas pilfered from the United Club in ORD, a small bag of popcorn from Nuts on Clark (weakness people, such a weakness), a pack of gum, hotel ‘keys’ from three separate hotels in three different cities, invoice from my most recent stay at the Hyatt Lodge outside of Chicago, my iPhone, running headphones with back-up earbuds, a hairbrush, my favorite Gucci sunglasses, boarding passes, Once a Runner paperback by John L. Parker Jr., Chanel lip gloss, Kiehls hand lotion, a pin from the Wounded Warrior Project, my Louis Vuitton peacock wallet, Marc Jacobs purple padded travel makeup bag, a bottle of water, Nuun nutrition tablets, a Lara bar – Cashew Cookie, bobby pins, crumpled random cash, and my laptop.

What’s playing on my iPhone: ZZ Ward – Til the Casket Drops

What’s next to me in 6A: A severely overweight woman with great skin, breathable well-matched clothes, sensible shoes, awesome taste in reading material, and a penchant for napping.

What’s on my body: Saks Red Label white t-shirt, Stella McCartney white and blue pinstrip sleeveless vest, favorite beat-up faded jeans, tan Sofft 4-inch heels, tattoos, wedding and engagement bands, vintage diamond and ruby earrings from Jason, random one-off necklaces, two Wounded Warrior Project bands around my right wrist, more bobby pins and my unmentionables.

What’s on my brain: Home.

One response to “ORD-CLT-ILM”

  1. Whats in my handbag: Half a brown apple from lunch 3 days ago, Avery’s half bag of CornNuts (now my weakness, people) a melted chocolate chip granola bar (my attempt at health, people) my Ipod touch from 2006 ( the bitch still works and I still love Sugar Ray) my fake sunglasses from the kiosk in the mall ($19.99 any brand, people) coupons for General Mills cereal (the kids are hankerin’ for some Lucky Charms, people) CoverGirl WetSlicks Lipgloss in Sizzle, number 425, people) my floral Target wallet ($12 and she’s a beauty) my ziplock bag I keep all my CoverGirl WetSlicks in (cheap and water resistant, a girl can’t get her Avon makeup brushes wet!) no crumpled cash but a whole lotta plastic.

    What’s on playing my Iphone: I don’t have one.

    What’s next to me: No one. And I’m damn happy about it.

    What’s on my body: A bra from Soma. They promised it would get rid of my back fat (lies, all lies, people) my Fila black running pants (however I no longer run or get my heart rate past 64, people) a 3 year old screen printed cow t shirt from Door County (great cheap cherry wine and cheese curds. You gotta go, people)

    What’s on my brain: Old fashioneds, fried food and family.

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