What’s in my ROADTRIP handbag: A bag of skinnybits algae tablets, my Brilliant Distinctions Botox rewards card, broken dog treats, three issues of WebMD magazine pilfered from my gynecologist’s office, the latest edition of Encore for possible weekend plans, Chanel lip gloss, Kiehls hand lotion, Gilt gold bracelets tossed in there from our last trip, my Louis Vuitton peacock wallet, Nuun nutrition tablets, a Lara bar wrapper – Chocolate Coconut Chew, a half-eaten bag of 1/2 salt popcorn from Carolina Farmin, and the ever-present loose bobby pins.

What’s playing on Sirius Radio: NPR Now and WUNC 95.1 because I wanted to hear rationale about our stupid state and its need to jack around with the already too strict abortion laws.

What’s next to me in the Audi A3: My handbag and my iPhone with a weighted-down calendar and updated All Songs Considered podcasts that I didn’t listen to at all.

What’s on my body: A thrift store red sleeveless dress accompanied by brown Steve Madden wedges, tattoos, two newly acquired Wounded Warrior Project bands, a rubberband bracelet made for me by Logan, and my bling.

What’s on my brain:The crazy rain I’m driving through and the absolute distaste I have for the stretch of 40 between Wilmington and Raleigh.


2 responses to “ILM-RDU-ILM”

  1. Sarah i know im not the most intelligent person in ur life but why does anyone care what u have in ur bags?

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