What’s in my backpack: One battered notebook that is full of all my projects, blog ideas, research, endless lists, and interview notes, one brand-new hardbound notebook soon to be filled with even more projects, research, ideas, lists, and interviews, five boarding passes for three airlines that are just for today, a small bag of air-popped popcorn that is the only cheat so far on my most recent Whole30 endeavor ( still such a weakness), a tin of Frost peppermints, Shep Hyken’s The Amazement Revolution, Jeff Toister’s Service Failure, my iPhone, running headphones with back-up earbuds, my Nike running sunglasses, a small gold Coach clutch acting as a defacto handbag/wallet, a ziploc bag full of healthy snacks (Lara Bars – Blueberry Muffin, Key Lime and Cherry Pie, Emerald 100-calorie pack cocoa and cinnamon almonds) Nuun nutrition tablets, Airborne, Vega berry-flavored raw protein, Amazing Grass raw powder, algae Energy Bits, Chanel lip gloss, my “I Heart My Stuff” zipper bag filled with different colored fine-tip Sharpie pens, Kiehls hand lotion, a backup pair of heels, my computer mouse, business cards, and my laptop.

What’s playing on my iPhone: Avicii – Wake Me Up and my newest obsession from NPR – Snap Judgement

What’s next to me in 29E: An extremely fit, very quiet man that could have stepped out of a “Welcome to North Carolina” board of tourism ad. His tan slacks are well-pressed, his blue polo has probably been ironed, and the requisite Oakleys are hanging from his open collar.

What’s on my body: A comfortable and travel-worthy sleeveless halter dress in blue and green from Title9, nude patent leather peep-toe heels from Marc Jacobs, a white DKNY jacket, bobby pins to calm the early-morning curly chaos, a seatbelt, my bling, tattoos, and the unmentionables.

What’s on my brain: All the work I neglected to do this weekend and the fact that half the clothes in my carry-on don’t fit well anymore. Double sigh. I also forgot my travel wedding photo that I put in every hotel room. Triple sigh.

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