What’s in my handbag: Tylenol packs from my weekend fall from sobriety, coolmint Ice Breakers, boarding passes for two Delta flights, Vega protein bar, Savi seeds, new car keys and newer house keys, gold Gucci sunglasses, running armband and Polk running headphones with backup earbuds – even though I will NOT be running today, a small gold Coach clutch acting as a defacto handbag/wallet, lots of cash from Craigslist furniture sales, purple Marc by Marc Jacobs makeup bag, Lots of Covergirl lipstick in various shades of orange, hairbrush – because I actually straightened my hair at 4am, and my epi pen.

What’s in my backpack: Planned shoes for the day – 5-inch Juicy Couture black and gold wedges, notebooks filled with lists, my “I Love My Stuff” bag overflowing with pens collected across the house, Fitness magazine pilfered from the nail salon, NY Times magazine, an old O that I’ve been intending to read and write an article from, my computer mouse, business cards, and my laptop with charger.

What’s playing on my iPhone: Directions to the SiriusXM Studios and the Silversun Pickups, of course

What’s next to me in 9C: Blessedly not a soul.

What’s on my body: A black silk Kenneth Cole sleeveless dress, wide black belt, Tommy Hilfiger short denim jacket, Born T-straps to travel in, big girl black panties to combat NYC wind and a short skirt, strapless bra, gold Gilt bangles, a seatbelt, my bling, surprisingly makeup even though it’s not yet 6a, tattoos…and a horrible cup of airport coffee is in my hand.

What’s on my brain: Moving, moving, packing, moving, Norfolk, new life, seeing Amy, hanging with the Silversun Pickups today. Happy.

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