What’s in my handbag: WAY TOO MUCH! It seems the relocation has made me disorganized. This is the first flight post-move and there is a mess to represent it – my iPhone, four tubes of lipstick/lip gloss, the September issue of the Harvard Business Review (there is an article inside entitled “The Truth About Customer Experience”), the current Scientific American because it is the Special Food Issue, my purple Marc Jacobs makeup bag, gold Gucci sunglasses, Elizabeth Brundage’s “Somebody Else’s Daughter” hardback, Orbit White Bubblemint gum, Frost mints, two sets of headphones – running and conference calls, The New York Times Magazine and the Book Review (thanks to my amazing husband), my iPhone running armband, key to our new house, Luis Vuitton peacock wallet (my blue from our wedding), $11.00 in crumpled cash, three Sharpie pens, a yellow Hi-Liter, a denim jacket in case I get cold, various receipts, a boarding pass, and stamps.

What’s in my backpack: About 8 pounds of current and past research projects, a full water bottle, bag of popcorn, articles about customer service, hairbrush, empty water bottle, ziploc filled with Starbucks Via Italian Roast coffee packets, Amazing Grass Green Superfood packets, Nuun, and Vega One Vanilla Chai nutritional shakes, my computer mouse, business cards, and my laptop with charger.

What’s playing on my iPhone: The new 1975 album.

What’s next to me in 9A: Small plane so I am solo in a single window seat.

What’s on my body: Navy vintage short dress with awesome backstraps that show off my tattoos, long brown socks, tan suede slouchy boots, boy shorts with purple berries to combat the short skirt and the eventual need to bend over, a seatbelt, and my bling.

What’s on my brain: Seeing the amazing Susan McDaniel and missing my beautiful husband. The crazy week of balance ahead – work, workout, network, drink, laugh, miss, entertain, educate, write, listen, prepare, pretend.

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