What’s in my handbag: bon appetit magazine (thanks to whomever gifted me a subscription), newly monikered Passport, three tubes of lipstick/lip gloss, two sets of headphones – running and conference calls, my iPhone running armband, Audi car keys, Tylenol, Luis Vuitton peacock wallet (my blue from our wedding), $40.00 in crumpled cash, 20 British pounds, boarding passes, and business cards.

What’s in my backpack: Enough to live out of if necessary and my bags are misplaced on the London receiving end – black inov-8s, spare underwear, socks, research reports, United business class toiletry bag, black Prada sunglasses, empty pink Camelback water bottle, “Speak Softly, She Can Hear” by Pam Lewis, I Love My Stuff bag filled with Sharpie pens and highlighters, laptop with charger, Nuun nutrition tabs, and my purple Marc Jacobs makeup bag.

What’s playing on my iPhone: Nothing. I decided to catch up on movies instead. Caught World War Z and reconnected with Sideways. The rest of the time was spent gabbing with the crew and interrupting my husband in his pod.

What’s next to me in 10J: Sadly not my husband. Darling Jason scored a first class seat and is ensconced in 1K. Instead, my business class mate is a very well-dressed, stuffy and quiet Englishman. He initially was a throat-clearer and I was worried I’d need to hurt him. Once he loosened his tie and started drinking white wine, all became right with our world.

What’s on my body: Lululemon black running tights, tall Kenneth Cole black boots, a Lola Lola gray cotton short dress, black sweater, a Saks 5th Avenue wrap scarf,  tattoos, long chains that don’t upset security, unmentionables and my bling.

What’s on my brain: London, baby! I’m excited to merge my passions of contact centers, a “new” city, and the love of my life. What a week ahead!

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