What’s in my handbag: Strepsils honey and lemon lozenges for the sore throat I acquired in London, $56 folded dollars, newly monikered and now stamped Passport, two boarding passes, some stray pounds, a banana, Polo mints (sugar, glucose, and suitable for vegetarians the label says = death), Morrisons congestion tablets to counter the sinus headache I am sure to have shortly, a map of the Underground tube, lipstick, hotel receipt from the London Hilton Olympia, lipstick, various receipts for the rental Barclay bikes that took us all around London, my peacock blue LV wallet and baggage claim tickets for my goods appearing on the other end.

What’s in my backpack: An extra pair of Hanky Panky underwear, my favorite soft black Nike sweatshirt, socks, a black Saks 5th  Avenue scarf, a packet of travel receipts, all the damn magazines I did not read on the way over or during this trip so I am lugging the weight back on this flight…they WILL NOT leave the plane this time, my purple Marc Jacobs makeup bag, the United business class toiletry bag from the departure flight for touch-ups, my laptop and charger, “Speak Softly She Can Hear” by Pam Lewis, Audi car keys, headphones, and lip gloss. 

What’s playing on my iPhone: Volcano Choir and gads of podcasts to catch up on – Welcome to Night Vale, Story Worthy, Snap Judgement and All Songs Considered.

What’s next to me in 22F: NO ONE!!!!!! At least at the moment the middle seat in Economy Plus on the triple 7 is empty. This girl wasn’t willing to spring for the upgrade and United wasn’t playing with our budget economy paid ticket for me and the low-mileage frequent flyer one for the handsome husband sitting in 22G.

What’s on my body: Kenneth Cole sleeveless silk shirt, Joe’s size 29 bootcut jeans that are now a tad tight around the thighs, a turquoise wrap bracelet, black Adidas socks from my friend Anne, B.O.C black clogs that Jason hates, tattoos, unmentionables and my bling.

What’s on my brain: I actually love long-hauls and I love them more with my husband, as I tend to get a little bit emotional. And my corgi. I miss the Iona Beast terribly. We get to pick her up in the morning and that pleases me.

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