What’s in my handbag: Two water bottles (still hydrating and detoxing from London), Hampton Roads magazine, Extra spearmint gum, “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” by Ransom Riggs and “Speak Softly, She Can Hear” by Pam Lewis (the former was newly acquired in ORF as the latter is almost complete), a perfectly ripe banana and two mini bags of carrots nicked from the United Club, two sets of headphones – running and conference calls, Luis Vuitton peacock wallet, iPhone and charger, $50 in semi-straightened currency, boarding passes, and business cards.

What’s in my backpack: My hardback notebook filled with all my lists and ideas (I’d perish without it), stacks of research reports and whitepapers acquired at #CCexpo, I Love My Stuff bag filled with Sharpie pens and highlighters, laptop with charger, more magazines than I will ever have time to read, Nuun nutrition tabs, black David Yurman jewelry bag, and my ever-present purple Marc Jacobs makeup bag now filled with new pretty Bobbi Brown things from Duty Free.

What’s playing on my iPhone: Back to Volcano Choir and Dessa – sooooooo very good to write to.

What’s next to me in 21B: Blissfully no one. I’ve been fortunate these past few flights and have flown middle-seat solo. Interestingly enough, the professional looking man in 21C is reading Mad magazine. Who knew that was still published?????

What’s on my body:  Paige Skyrise skinny jeans, Anthropologie multi-colored flowing tank, Born black high-heeled wedges, DKNY 3/4 sleeve black embellished blazer, tattoos, unmentionables and my bling.

What’s on my brain: Vegas Baby. My husband, house and orange beast that I have again left behind. My presentation on Thursday is top of brain and I’m excited to meet lots of fabulous #cctr and #custexp people that I’ve only known virtually to this point.

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