What’s in my handbag: Cough drops as the voice is rough, Pink Camelback filled with water from the United Club, “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” by Ransom Riggs, a not quite ripe banana also from the Club, two sets of headphones, hairbrush, lots of new business cards, receipts from expensive cab rides and the Westin Lake Las Vegas, Luis Vuitton peacock wallet, iPhone and charger, $45 in semi-straightened currency (no gambling in Vegas!), and boarding passes.

What’s in my backpack: My hardback notebook filled with lots of new ideas from interviews and inContact customer case studies, stacks of research reports and whitepapers acquired at #icuc13, I Love My Stuff bag filled with Sharpie pens and highlighters, laptop with charger, black David Yurman jewelry bag, and my ever-present purple Marc Jacobs makeup bag that keeps me looking less harried.

What’s playing on my iPhone: Not sure yet as I’m feeling a tad uninspired. Perhaps I will watch the movie this morning.

What’s next to me in 6A: A nice man in commercial real estate who lives in DC. He’s unremarkable, yet polite. We both have large cups of hot coffee (his Starbucks, mine Club) separating our thankfully first class seats.

What’s on my body:  Something similar to the flight out here, except I managed to straighten my hair at 4am and it looks pretty damn good considering. Paige Skyrise skinny jeans, Marc Jacobs sleeveless silver and black shirt that refuses to wrinkle, tall black Kenneth Cole boots, DKNY 3/4 sleeve black embellished blazer, tattoos, Coach gold and black leather bracelets, unmentionables and my bling.

What’s on my brain: Home! Husband! Corgi! I’m also excited to see our new stairs that were finally installed and to meet our new dog on Sunday. In the meantime, I have gads of writing to catch up on. Long flight and optimistic laptop battery.

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