What’s in my handbag: It’s a small handbag! iPhone and charger, headphones, lipgloss, hair tie and bobby pins, old room keys from the Westin Lake Las Vegas, Luis Vuitton peacock wallet, iPhone and charger, $20, boarding passes, and business cards.

What’s in my backpack: Everything else. “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” by Ransom Riggs, my hardback notebook presentation ideas, stacks of research reports and whitepapers needed for #CCDemo13, I Love My Stuff bag filled with Sharpie pens and highlighters, laptop with charger, Outsourcing magazines to fuel my creative business plan brain, black David Yurman jewelry bag, and my ever-present purple Marc Jacobs makeup bag.

What’s NOT in my backpack: My flatiron. Sigh. I had to purchase flatiron #4. I am going to staple one to the inside of my bag.

What’s playing on my iPhone: Oh my god. I am addicted to the new Dictionary.com game – Dynamo.

What’s next to me in 20E: A very quiet casually dressed girl in her mid-20s. She didn’t speak at all, but she did eat a lot of pretzels.

What’s on my body:  Paige Skyrise skinny jeans, Anthropologie green and tan sleeveless cotton shirt, slouchy brown suede boots, DKNY green long shawl sweater, tattoos, unmentionables and my bling. Oh, and gold bracelets that set off the stupid security alarm at ORF.

What’s on my brain: I hate leaving my husband again for another trip. I also hate leaving our awesome new beast, Max. I am though, so excited to get back to #CCDemo13 and seeing all my amazing customer service and contact center colleagues! So much inspiration here!

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