The Adventure is Worth It

I’ll keep on healing all the scars
That we’ve collected from the start
I’d rather this than live without you
For every wish upon a star
That goes unanswered in the dark
There is a dream, I’ve dreamt about you

And from afar, I lie awake
Close my eyes to find I’d never be the same
Without you, without you
~Natalie Maines: Without You

We witnessed a wedding this weekend. We watched as two strange, joyous, genuine people were married. We were part of an adventurous union, and with all good adventures there is a history to repeat and tales to tell.

In July 2011, Jason and I traveled to Seattle, Washington to watch my dear friend Amy marry her Alok.

Also at the wedding was Melanie; she of a former life we girls shared in Los Angeles. While Melanie and I barely knew each other while we lived in the same city, we had developed a wandering independent friendship since then.

Amy and Alok were getting married that weekend, beautiful Melanie was ‘single’, and Jason and I were soon to break up. All our relationship crossroads intersected.

Seven months later the ‘Jason and Sarah Show’ began anew and 3 months after that we were engaged. Life often knows what’s best for you before you wake up to the delightful realization.

By that fall Jason was embarking upon Afghanistan and I was running my first 1/2 marathon in San Francisco. Worlds apart we were. Somewhere and sometime before that Miss Melanie had met a man. John and Melanie became part of my small but mighty cheering squad and supported me up and over 13.1 foggy California hills and through miles and miles of Middle Eastern separation.

In February of this year Jason and I married fast and hard in New York. In attendance? Amy and Alok, Jason’s little sister Linz, and our boys Rob and Todd. And Melanie and John. A delightful surprise to have these endearing people as celebrants. (Melanie also loves popcorn…how perfect is she?)

Now we are complete. Seattle, New York, San Luis Obispo. Three cities, three couples, three intersections. The loop has closed. May this forever intertwine, may this forever connect, may this adventure run true. Marriage is not perfect; it is wonderful. The adventure is worth it. Congratulations our dear friends.

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