Let’s play a different game tonight. We were not expecting a redeye, we were not expecting delays, we were not expecting to spend hours in airports and get back to Norfolk tomorrow instead of today. So instead of a toothbrush, a change of clothes and a toiletry bag, I have books, wine glasses and a typewriter in my immediate possession. Albeit delightful, these things will not provide sustenance, cleanliness or a good night of sleep.

My coat would have been a perfect blanket this evening; it is stuffed inside Jason’s checked bag. Speaking of bags…where are our bags? Did they get anxious and bolt home without us? Are they patiently waiting for us to fly back East with them? Or are they stranded somewhere screaming, “find me, find me, find me!” Only tomorrow knows.

I am grateful for the lounge. I am appreciative for free internet, snacks and quiet. I am wishing for a run, a shower, and my bed. MY BED! Thursday night I arrived and slept in a Marriott in Paso Robles, California. Before that I was in the Hilton in Atlanta. It’s no wonder I climbed out of bed a couple evenings ago and walked into a wall of windows. I am as lost as my luggage.

This man of mine is a grand travel partner. I honestly don’t mind being stranded with his prettiness. He entertains, he guides, and we plot. I think we may have determined our 10-year-plan while pacing the halls of SFO.

I cannot fault California for wanting to keep us longer, as we feel the same. Next time Sunshine, just give us fair warning. We like to be a bit more prepared for your company.

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