ORF-IAD (err, scratch that) EWR-SFO-SEA

I should have drafted this last Sunday when I departed on my first leg of this West coast adventure, but candidly, I was a little pissed and a tad disillusioned. Sunday went a little like this…

  • 3.45a ET wake-up
  • 5a ET airport arrival (thanks for the ride, love)
  • 5.30a ET we are told the 6a flight is delayed due to fog in IAD
  • 6.30a ET still delayed
  • 7.30a ET we board the plane
  • 8a ET the fog is now in Norfolk and we are again delayed
  • 8.30a ET I get off the plane after being told there is NO way I am getting to SFO through IAD that day
  • 8.40a ET Rebooked through EWR, lost my business class upgrade, and am told my luggage has gone to SFO without me
  • 9a ET I text awesome sleepy husband to come and get me
  • 9.15a ET my awesome husband meets me at the airport bar for a beer
  • 12.15p ET we drive back to the airport
  • 1.30p ET I take off to Newark
  • 3p ET I begin my 3 hour layover in EWR and the United Club
  • 6.30p ET we are delayed
  • 7.30p ET we finally take off with me in coach class, in a middle seat and flanked by a man who thinks my space also belongs to him for THE NEXT 6.5 HOURS
  • Not sure where I am or what time it is, but I decide to rework the entire presentation that I am supposed to give at Dreamforce in the morning. Not my smartest move, but the new presentation does end up to be freaking awesome
  • 11.45p PT deplane in San Francisco, find luggage, hail Uber, and manage to stay awake in order to check-in
  • 2a PT MONDAY: I’m still awake and need to get up in 3 hours to practice my speech
  • 5am PT MONDAY: Alarm rings! It’s Monday! It’s the Monday of Dreamforce! Three speaking sessions, two interviews, four partner meetings, dinners, drinks, coffee, chocolate, and countless conversations are ahead

Today I flew to Seattle. Tomorrow I fly home. Right now this big and warm hotel room seems good. By tomorrow? My big and warm house with two crazy dogs and one crazy gorgeous husband will be amazing. Tomorrow.

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