Throwing it Back to the Badass Unicorn

When I look in the mirror, I see a unicorn. A badass unicorn.

It was May 9th, 2012 that I transitioned my blog from ‘Tinseltown, Tagalog, and Tarheels’ to the ‘Badass Unicorn’. The idea came to me while sitting in a hotel room (shocking I know). I’d not written since October of the previous year, when I’d sold my house and moved into a condo – the condo being the first place I had ever truly ‘owned’ and lived alone as an adult.

The fall of 2011 leading into the spring of 2012 was tumultuous for me in many ways: a breakup, a move, a horrific decision, the aftermath, my self-discovery, and the culmination of Jason’s permanent return to my life. Throughout all the highs and lows, I also re-established my ‘voice’, and thus the Badass Unicorn was born.

So today I throwback to the May of 2012. I was yet to turn 40, yet to be engaged, and yet to embark on one hell of an awesome journey.

As I said in that first posting, and that still holds true today: “I am not the person I was, I am not the person I will be, but I am loving the person I have become. I. AM. A BADASS UNICORN. Enjoy.”


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