Stepmother Issues? What Issues?


He’s here! He’s here! Child has again returned! Although we are only on day four of the Great Summer Adventure of 2014, this one already feels ‘different’. Unlike prior years, Jason and I planned less and stressed less before Child arrived. And upon arrival? Child just slid on into our lifestyle with nary a squabble or a hesitation. I keep thinking he may have something devious up his sleeve and be plotting an awesome upheaval, so it’s best that I relish in all our little victories while I can.

  • He handled the United flight debacle like a champ. We bought his ticket from Austin-Chicago-Norfolk in May. United apparently changed their unaccompanied minor policy in December. DECEMBER OF LAST YEAR. They let us buy a connecting flight for the Child, CHARGED us the exorbitant fee, and then wouldn’t let him get on the plane. He then flew direct to DC, we hauled ass for three hours to retrieve him, and on the four-hour drive home? Not a single complaint percolated from the backseat.
  • Max the BEAST loves him, respects him, plays with him, and would probably maim for him.
  • I successfully snuck Vega protein powder and 1/2 an avocado in his smoothie this morning.
  • “Would you like spinach in your panini again today?” “Yes, ma’am.” (Spinach = kale, spinach and radicchio. SCORE!)
  • He joined us at CrossFit last night. While adults worked heavy Sumo Deadlifts, he did Cindy with Coach Stefan. Then Child hopped on a rower for a few rounds. Best part? Him asking if that could be our routine every night.
  • Fresh grilled salmon and white sweet corn for dinner makes the cut.
  • ESPN has replaced the Disney Channel. I never thought I’d be so in love with SportsCenter.
  • Three people have already mentioned that he is ‘a lot like his dad’.
  • The giant box of SweetTarts and the bag of Skittles he brought on the plane remain unopened. His choice.
  • Child asked about our friends Carl and Brad. He’s in luck that the boys are coming to stay with us next weekend. Me and a lot of boys. Thank goodness some of them are fancy.
  • I think Child is going to learn to love weeding. There is money involved.

I hear the horror stories from other stepmoms and dads. I know that I have it good. His parents have done him good, and I am honored to take a part of it and a part of him for a few months. Second summer of step-momming has begun.


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