Nashville Bound…NOW

I think the defining moment in my career is the day that I moved to Nashville. That’s the biggest step to getting here is making that move. Anything that happens, the wonderful opportunities that happen to you, can’t happen until you make that move.

Luke Bryan

So…I don’t actually know any Luke Bryan songs. And I’m not moving to Nashville for a country music career. Or a career in any type of music for that matter. But I am Nashville bound. Like Nashville bound…NOW! Nashville is next in a long line of cities that I expect Mr. Reed and I are still mapping out.

Why Nashville? Word one? Opportunity. Word two? Future. Word three? Now!

I was offered an opportunity to work for someone I respect, doing a role that I love, at a salary that makes me blush, and with a team that makes me proud. That they also want to give me a pension and a path to advance and learn? That there is a built-in team of awesome people? AND they want to move us to Nashville?

OK. Yes, yes, yes there are a couple factors that suck…and suck hard. The big and bold? That hot husband of mine can’t move for the next few years unless the government says so. Grrr…yes, that actually physically hurts. I hate not waking up next to crazy, working out with the Beast, making dinner with my delightful, and falling asleep with handsome. I am in deep with husband. So I shall take each stretch as if it is a business trip. Work hard, love my moment, grind through, sleep little, hop on a plane, and be his for as many hours as we are allowed.

And yes, this adventure came just as I was getting into Norfolk. I adore my friends, I love my gym, and I relish in being a stepmom. My neighborhood rocks, and the beach is a block away. And my dogs! (We shall not talk about the monsters now, or I will be crying in public.)

It’s an adventure! I know there will be rough days, but I expect many more amazing ones. My people have a new city to visit, and my love has some frequent flyer miles to collect. Just a warning though: there will be a few calls, emails, texts, cries of, “COME SEE ME NOW!”

Why Nashville? Word one? Opportunity. Word two? Future. Word three? Now!


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