Black Coffee

I’m feeling mighty lonesome
Haven’t slept a wink
I walk the floor and watch the door
And in between I drink

Black coffee
Love’s a hand me down brew
I’ll never know a Sunday
In this weekday room

~ Ella Fitzgerald: Black Coffee 

Yesterday morning found me in a funk. I awoke at 6a, drank a couple cups of new brew from Whole Foods, and proceeded to consider my day. After chatting with #hothusband, I planned to try out a new CrossFit box. Instead I took a nap. I DO NOT TAKE NAPS. Who the hell naps at 9a in the morning?

It was around 11a that I discovered the source of my slowness. I had somehow purchased non-caffeinated coffee. WTF? There was nary a place on the packaging that screamed DECAF; rather a small script of ‘no-caffeine’ adorned the heading. Love is truly a hand-me-down brew when it is located two states away. #hothusband would have never allowed his woman to be without charged black coffee at her bedside.

Alone I proceeded to beat my pounding skull upon the counter and ventured downstairs for some full-strength, fully-loaded goodness.

This transgression shall not and can not occur again. So today finds me basking in some hipster fabulousness in East Nashville. Strong black coffee in my cup, stronger beans in my bag, and the strongest of them all cold-pressing in my newly acquired growler. (I believe only happy things come in growlers.)

black coffee

I should now be functionally hyped the remainder of this week. Come next Sunday however, black coffee will again be outside my control. I can guarantee though, that #hothusband will have it presented to me bedside – hot and fully caffeinated. Ready to roll.


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