I Have a Life That’s Good

Sometimes I’m hard on me,
when dreams don’t come easy
I wanna look back and say I did all that I could.
At the end of the day, Lord I pray
I have a life that’s good.

Two arms around me
Heaven to ground me
and a family that always calls me home.
Four wheels to get there.
Enough love to share and a
sweet, sweet, sweet song.
At the end of the day, Lord I pray
I have a life that’s good.

~ Lennon & Maisy: A Life That’s Good

God damn it’s been a year. It’s been a year since I drove out of North Carolina with the corgi in tow and the husband soon to follow. I wasn’t sad to see the North Carolina state line in my rearview mirror, and that claim still remains the same. I was excited and WE were anticipating the newness of it all and the opportunity to leave behind some bad people.

Well…I didn’t quite make it a year in Norfolk. Don’t get me wrong, I still have the most badass hot husband ever. I made some incredible life-long friends, I rediscovered the healing community of CrossFit, we adopted a crazy freaking dog, and we bought a pretty fine house near the beach. That’s not a life to be angry about. 

I’d say that although much is different today, the right things are still the same. My purpose and moral compass stay true and to the North, my husband manages to get better by the minute, the stepson is coming into his own, and the corgi keeps kicking. Add to that a bitching new career and this incredible little city called Nashville, and that’s not a life to be angry about.

But damn there is the missing. The missing of that man I love. The missing of friends. The missing of those silly furry creatures. I have a life that is good, and with that the good and I will find our way back into the middle. It’s a good life.

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