Paws Pressing

“Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.”
~ Karen Davison


Iona is pressing buttons, lots and lots of buttons. For a 16-year-old rescue corgi with a myriad of health issues, that dog’s paws are pressing. Hard.

It’s well known by all who know us that Iona is a strong contender for the most expensive dog ever. Tooth extractions, hip dysplasia, skin allergies, E coli, UTIs, and thyroid cancer are just a few of the things that have landed us in the doggie emergency room. We love hard. She presses on.

Last Wednesday night Iona scared the hell out of Jason. In the course of 12 hours she went from a feisty blind and deaf battle-axe to a barely breathing lump of clay. “This is it,” we thought. “I’m not ready,” is what I meant.

An IV, a pancreatic inflection, a massive injection of antibiotics, and a day later the corgi woke up hungry and scared. After engulfing a vet tech’s dinner of rotisserie chicken she turned pissed. “Get me the fuck out of here,” is what I expect she said.

Jason broke her out with only a $1200 golden ticket. Cha ching goes the corgi love tab. She presses on. He is a damn good man.

Iona now has extra special food. Iona now wears pretty pink diapers when nights are long. Iona now has her own Ezy-Dose pill box so that the humans can keep track of the ever-expanding medical menagerie. Iona has gotten wise to the pills-in-the-peanut-butter-trick.  Iona now enjoys meds and meat. We love hard; she presses harder still.

She is my beast. She is now Jason’s beast. Her paws are pressing, and we love on.


One response to “Paws Pressing”

  1. XXpensive, rite — but from whatcher pixures show: a keyooty, an entity definitely part of the family. reminds me … just last night i’m readin’ a book, my feet being warmed by “jaja”, and three cats in a semi-circle. hmmm. must be some sort of life-form force-field nexus intermingle/overlap!

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