What Time is it Here?

I write this little introduction at 2.31a on Saturday morning from Norfolk, Virginia. Truth be told this little bout of early morning-ness has nothing to do with my periodic insomnia, but more because I traveled for 28 hours and fell asleep at 8p. Why start sleeping 8 hours in a row now? So, let’s get back to the show…    

I often say that I have nothing to complain about. Today is no exception, even though it’s 1.09 on Friday morning where I’m headed and 12.39p in the afternoon where I’ve left. The beauty of being a global citizen is that you often suffer the slap to the skull of the time zones. Would I trade it? Hell no, pretty people.

I just spent the last 10 days in Hyderabad, India meeting a slew of new colleagues and stakeholders. It was career nirvana. In the midst of it all I was grieving the death of my orange furry constant companion, missing my #hothusband and nutjob Max, and learning of the stroke and subsequent passing of my grandmother. Marry this all together and you do get a myriad of confliction. No complaints; simply confliction.

Shall we keep the confliction going?

Hyderabad, India and career inspiration leads to Norfolk, Virginia for the Marine Corps Ball and a fabulous man in uniform, which leads to Appleton, Wisconsin for the celebration of my grandmother’s 96 years.

In the meantime I shall sip a glass of pink champagne and remain grateful. Tired, happy, grateful.

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