Pour Some Sugar on Me

I’m hot, sticky sweet

From my head to my feet yeah

You got the peaches, I got the cream

Sweet to taste, saccharine

~ Def Leppard: Pour Some Sugar on Me

It’s been almost three weeks since I left Nashville. Part of my absence was a scheduled trip to India to meet with my compatriots in Hyderabad, part of it was to be the giddy proud arm candy at the Marine Corps Birthday Ball, and a large part was an unplanned sojourn to Wisconsin for my grandmother’s funeral and my youngest sister’s divorce.

I relearned a painful lesson upon arriving in Wisconsin: jetlag + many days of little sleep + high stress = an intensive almost uncontrollable desire for sugar. Like cupcakes and cheesecake and wine and funeral bars and chocolate…hell yeah, pour some sugar on me type issues. Just give me sugar crack, bitch. My sudden sugar addiction high wasn’t the only change upon my arrival back in Nashville. A LOT seems to have changed up around here:

  • winter came
  • all my clocks are wrong
  • the calendars in my house are outdated
  • I missed Halloween  
  • no one stopped my mail (meaning I forgot to stop the mail and apparently people like me)
  • winter fucking came and it’s cold here
  • gas became cheap
  • I need to stop eating

So, I am back in Nashville for 12 days. I’ve missed Crossfit, I’ve missed Peloton, I’ve missed my routine, I now miss my family and my #hothusband and my Max. I really miss my Iona. I’m glad to go back to work tomorrow.

Now…pardon me as I go wash some sugar off of me.


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