Let the Human Speak

Where’s Max? Where is Max? I want Max!10698283_10152750835018377_1510608267_o

Poor Jason came up to Nashville this weekend and discovers he is dog-less. The wife is in charge of the creature for a mere two weeks and has already managed to make him disappear.

In my defense, I tried. I really, really tried. We both tried. In the two weeks that Max and I occupied my 618 square feet of downtown loftiness, we had come to a splendid routine. We discovered the buildings with the best bushes, the corners with the favored plots of grass, and the streets with the ideal hills to run. We learned how to sit while awaiting the elevator from the 26th floor. We knew to politely and unthreatening approach the neighbors.

I came to love having him around, particularly in the evenings after our last brisk walk. Max would snuggle up while I worked and we would have thoughtful quiet discussions. There’s power and security in the human-canine dichotomy.

But here’s the deal. We humans should have taken him to a hardcore obedience and training school almost immediately post-adoption. Any human who rescues a dog mess should do it. I know Iona would have been a more centered monster if the practice husband and I had done that for her. Practice makes perfect, right?

Instead the #hothusband and I took the word of the rehab and rescue center that we adopted Max from. Of course he was socialized. Of course he learned manners. Of course his inner territorialism and insane protection gene was under control. Yeah, fuck that and the train you rolled in on. Our boy had issues; Max has big issues.

He’s the most loving and loyal creature…until he thinks one of his people or his multiple homes are threatened. He is the happiest silly dog, until you ignore him. He is the best behaved boy, until you make him do something he doesn’t want to. Max doesn’t do well with change; Max was adopted by the change-makers.

I admit I ran out of options and that was probably a godsend.

On Friday I talked to the trainer that is boarding Max. He said Max was adapting and eager to learn. Max had a turning point and was getting into the routine. Max may be crazy, but he wants to do good, be good and stay good. And since we want to keep Max, we owe it to him.  We want Max. WE WANT MAX. He is MAAAX!


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