Dog gone, dog gone

National Dog Day brought out the best in most everyone. Thousands of shared moments. Happy moments. Loyal moments. Salvation moments.

Last year we celebrated with one dog, two dog, short dog, tall dog. Big dog, small dog, orange dog, brown dog. This year we have none. Dog gone, dog gone.

Miss Iona left as she lived. Epically. There was wine, and cupcakes, and tears, and dancing. So many tears, but oh hell there was laughing and dancing. Damn that dog has my heart. Damn dog, dog gone.

Max. Oh, Max. Can a human be loved too much? Can a dog show too much loyalty? Yes, when it comes at the expense of others; the literal hands of others. Bite my dad. Bite my friends. Bite the dog walker. Poor Max. We made you crazy. Now back with his pack, we trust, hope, pray he is sane. Damn dog, dog gone.

Next year people, we dance. We dance and drink and yes, there will be celebrations with corgis and cupcakes. It will be beyond epic.

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