Coffeeshop, Honey Pot

The couple in the corner is in a hard discussion. “Girl, you need to get out,” she spews. “Don’t be a stereotype! Don’t push out another perfect child to complete his perfect little life.”

And then with an air kiss and a wave, he is gone. She sinks deeper in her contemplation and orders more wine.

The table of ladies to my right prepare for a ruthless wine-fueled game of bridge. “Let’s pray,” says one, completely turning my tables. “Lord, we thank you for the days we’ve had together.” I am about to give up on the gossip when I hear, “Helen, lend me your tea bag.”

The hot husband to my left ignores his homework and waxes on about last night’s political debate. Suddenly his rant is over, and his attention descends back to pretty things and obligations. Shiny objects prevail. My lovely distraction has come to an end.